28.01.2013 - New ep Another Attempt At burial published!

You can listen it here: Bandcamp and Soundcloud

12.12.2012 - News - Kalmisto@studio

13.12.2012 we will begin to record our third ep at D-studio. Stay tuned for more news!

18.11.2012 - NEWS - We are back in business!

Kalmisto will enter D-Studio this December to record its third ep including the following tracks: "Apocalypse Mode", "Season's Color is Blue", "Deep End of Paradise", "Godless, Gutless Import Skin" and "No. 76". ...also remember to cast your vote for us in Steelfest competition! http://demoni.steelfest.fi

07.02.2011 - News: Gigs and new session member!

New gigs added. Also Aki Kuusinen joined band as an session drummer. We are also working on a new material. More info will be added later!

09.09.2010 - Re-Possessed EP out!

New Kalmisto EP Re-Possessed published. You can order the EP by sending e-mail to kalmisto@kalmisto.org.

02.08.2010 - Recordings finished!

Studio sessions are now completed and we have recorded 5 new songs! Also Tommi Hartikainen has joined the band as full member. Say tuned for studio footage and new material!

18.05.2010 - Kalmisto @ Nummirock and new material !

As posted before. Kalmisto will play in Nummirock Festival 25.06.2010. On drums Rainer "Raikku" Tuomikanto. On bass Tommi Hartikainen. (Excellent!) Kalmisto is also entering to studio 30.07-01.08 with same line up to record 4 new songs. More info coming soon! Also watch out for upcoming video uploads from gigs!

28.04.2010 - Kalmisto @ Nummirock 2010

Kalmisto shall play in Nummirock festival 25.6.2010! We would like to thank everyone who have voted us in Demosetä contest. More info will be added later! \../


16.03.2010 - News

New songs have been made to demos. Two of them will be heard on a next gig! Also voting on a nummirock demosetä has gone well. Kalmisto has been very long in the top-8 of all bands! We would like to thank everybody who have voted us and hope that many others will vote us too so that we could get the gig on that festival ! ;) Stay tuned for more news and see you on gigs \../

19.01.2010 - Session drummer canceled 20.2 but will be playing with us 19.5

As stated before, Raikku will not play on our next gig at 20.2.2010. That gig will be played by Jarno. Raikku will be playing with us 19.05.2010 Club Extreme Finland, Lepakkomies, Helsinki Also don't forget to vote us to Nummirock here!